Constantine ColonyEdit

Constantine Colony is a human colony made in 2198 for a religious group of christian colonists trying to escape the corruption of Earth.

The colony was made by an advanced robot sent ahead by the colony to create their town. The bot actually landed on the C'naatat island of ________. Aras Sar Usan moved the bot to the current colony site, an island that was to be named Christopher. The bot first carved out the church, and then inscribed the words "gods work is government work."

The settlers agricultural planning statement says that their primary crops were to be

Seed: wheat, rice, oat, barley quinoa,sorghum; primary crops; legumes: soy, broad bean, kidney bean, haricots, carlin pea, mung bean; primary crops, tubers, potato charlotte, potato desiree, sweet potato, jeruselem artichoke; vegetables: lettuce, ksle, onion, leek garlic, tomato, mushroom carrot, cucumber, parsnip, beet; primary crops; fruit: apple raspberry, blueberry, grape (black muscat, huxelrebe), lemon. in event of crop failure, any appropriate plant from the secondary list may be substituted, depending on local conditions. until grapes are established, it is permitted to use other fruits or vegetables to make communion wine.